What do you get when you cross a passion for baking with a desire for good health?  You get the beautiful simplicity of baked goods made from scratch.  Just like your grandmother, we believe in the basics--the flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, etc.  We believe in combining those basic ingredients in unique ways to create a natural product, baked everyday just right.  

How is it possible?  Why, with COFFEE of course--but only the best:  Locally, small-batch roasted coffee from Seacoast Coffee Company in Newcastle, Maine provides just enough of a kick to start the day.

Of course, every baker needs to eat a meal now and then (or there wouldn't be any batter left...)  What makes a better breakfast than an egg sandwich on a biscuit baked with Hampden's infamous Bakewell Cream?  How about a slice of quiche on homemade pie crust or a nutrient-packed Acai or Smoothie Bowl?  For lunch, a panini will do, as long as it's made on homemade bread, or perhaps a salad with strawberries and walnuts.

You get the idea--Logical Sip is Brewer's own coffee, breakfast, and lunch spot, complete with a piping-hot bakery.  So, take a cruise into Downtown Brewer for a bite.  You might be surprised to find that, while you're in Downtown, you can also catch a show,  get an aqua massage, take an aerial yoga class, have a brew, or shop for gifts.  (Who knew?)

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